One of the newer and healthy alternatives to peanut butter is almond butter. Almonds just have more nutritional value than peanuts, and the different cooking processes associated with almond butter spread Australia products help cut out calories and things like unhealthy sugars. This has made these products very popular, but there are many different types, healthier than others. This article should help explain some of the differences between them all.

The first is raw almond butter. It could be the best product because of the way it’s cooked. These almonds are stored raw and ground, and the dough is prepared over low heat, keeping the almonds uncooked. This gives them great nutritional value as most fruits lose their nutritional value when cooked. This product will also have a bit of crunch and is considered very tasty.

You have to be careful when picking all kinds of almond kinds of butter because if the word raw is not on the label, the almonds may have been thoroughly cooked. This product will still be healthy, but not as healthy as keeping almonds natural. This product could have been cooked over higher heat, or the almonds did not receive the specialized care they need when making raw butter.

Whenever you see organic products on the label, it depends on how almonds were created. Exactly like while you go to a grocery store also have a section of organic vegetables that are pesticide and chemical-free, the same is right with natural almonds. They may still be prepared or used raw, without organic raw almond butter is linked to how almonds were grown.

Butter and margarine have roughly the same calories, with butter containing around eight grams of fat compared to five grams of fat for margarine. Women who consume margarine can increase their risk of heart disease by up to fifty-three percent.

When you eat butter, it helps you absorb nutrients from the other foods you eat. Butter also has more nutritional benefits than margarine. Margarine is one molecule away from being plastic with almost no nutritional value. It sounds disgusting, but if you put in butter and margarine on a hot day, the flies will feed on the butter, but they will stay away from the margarine. Even the house fly is smart enough to stay away from margarine. Imagine melting a plastic bowl in the microwave and spreading it on your toast.

Knowing all of these differences is essential to make sure you choose the right product. If you’re trying to get healthy and want those extra nutrients, this raw product is for you. If you just want something more robust than peanut butter, regular almond butter will do the trick. If you are concerned about how your product has been prepared, be sure to choose something that contains organic almonds. By doing this, you will be selecting the right type of butter for your home.

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