Organic maca powder is simply a type of flour made directly from the root plant. Maca powder is perfectly diluted in water (you can add sugar for flavor) or in any type of breakfast: porridge, yogurt, cookies. It is generally recommended to take two teaspoons of maca a day between 2 and 6 g.

Maca, one of the Superfoods, has several benefits and there are different types of maca: red maca, yellow maca or black maca are the best known, but there are many others. The effects of each maca differ, red maca is said to have beneficial effects on male fertility, while yellow maca could help increase female fertility. But whatever type of maca you use, the dosage does not differ. The different macas are available as an extract, capsule, root, herbal tea, or tablet.

Maca powder can be drunk in the form of herbal tea. In fact, you can drink maca powder in every possible way, whether it’s hot or cold. You can, for example, drink your maca powder at:

  • You
  • Your coffee
  • Your water
  • Your fruit juice
  • Your soup
  • Your milk
  • etc …

Simply mix the powder into the liquid each time it settles to the bottom of your cup or glass. You can also add spirulina.

Maca extracts

When it is been talked about maca extract, it is no longer about natural maca but about maca transformed by a chemical process.

Although consumption of maca extract is generally safe, the extract is obtained as a result of simple chemical manipulation. Maca is boiled in water, alcohol, or another chemical solution. This process has the function of modifying the composition of the plant and / or eliminating the fibers to concentrate the active principles.

Since maca extracts contain more active ingredients than maca powder or capsules and tablets, it is recommended to be careful not to exceed the maximum recommended dose. But don’t worry, the recommended dosage is usually found on the package or package insert of the purchased maca extract.

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