I bet you didn’t think you made this error, did you? To keep them from going wrong, all the olive oil should be kept out of direct sunlight. This is why extra virgin olive oil of high quality is usually stored in a dark green container to avoid exposing it to light for long periods of time. Refined olive oil is less likely to be contaminated, though having all the types of olive oil in the cupboard is better.

Best dispenser to store olive oil

Flask with glass. Plastic container. Dispenser with stainless steel. A ceramic crane. Pouch of the Pantry. You’ve undoubtedly seen extra virgin olive oil packed in all of these tanks at one time or another. Although the conventional glass bottle is favored by many olive oil manufacturers, an increasing number of distributors are opting for more cost-effective plastic containers. Any olive oil fans tend to purchase the cheapest one, their beloved EVOO.

Modern kitchen bottle / cruet / dispenser for storing, olive oils

Made of glass for safety and a Stainless Steel Shell. Leakage proof is the nozzle. In order to visualize what it holds, the bottom is translucent. The jar is resistant to damage, resistant to wear, robust, easy to clean and eco-friendly. The screw at the bottom of the container is non-slip, stable and easy to use. The substance in the thickened glass is lead-free and explosion-proof.


Glass bottles, probably the most common container of olive oil, are aesthetically appealing and relatively easy to handle. Dark glass blocks a lot of the damaging light rays that can affect the oil, but not all. Glass bottles are fairly efficient at keeping their contents at a reasonable temperature as long as you don’t put them near heat sources such as stoves or ovens.


Is it possible to store olive oil in plastic bottles? Sure. Oh, sure. But just because you can, doesn’t mean that you have to. Plastic containers can be a nice choice for customers who go through huge volumes of olive oil in a short period. That being said, you can steer clear of plastic bottles if your olive oil normally lasts a month or longer. Over time, contaminants can be added to olive oil from the plastic bottle, altering the taste significantly and eventually exposing you to toxic chemicals.


For EVOO lovers who buy their olive oil in bulk, this choice is a smart one. It can be difficult to hold big bottles or tins and much more difficult to display them on a table or counter. A safe way to use only the oil you need while leaving the rest of it in its initial bottle is to move tiny quantities of olive oil to stainless steel dispensers. Stainless steel does an outstanding job of keeping the oil cold by blocking light.


While other containers of olive oil shield their contents from light and heat, none of them are particularly effective in protecting against oxygen’s harmful effects.

We created the La Panza Olive Oil Pantry Pouch for that purpose. By shielding against light, fire, and oxygen, our revolutionary, airtight packaging retains the freshness, taste, and nutrients of EVOO. The built-in spout of the pouch helps you to spill the olive oil you need without pulling out a lid and opening it to oxygen.

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