This is a wonderful time of the season to throw a whiskey themed event. You can invite some good and old friends and cherish your memories. It is going to be a good time where everyone will have good conversations and have some amazing time.

You can plan this out in different ways where the first thing is to decide how many people and what kind of people you are going to invite. And the second step will be to decide the quantity and brands of whiskeys you want them to taste keeping your budget in mind. The best way is to keep it a small party, where everyone can taste and give their comments on it. The more people, the more management issues and it increases the budget as well.

There are different themes that you can arrange for the party but the whiskey themed party should be a blind tasting. It is the most exciting theme for whiskey lovers. You can tell them in the end which and what brand of the whiskey was, but for this, you have to keep your research accurate.

List of things you need to do:

Overview to Whiskey- So it is the whiskey themed party so you need to give an overview to people about the whiskey. There are normally 3 Whiskeys that come under it, Bourbon, Scotch, and Rye.  Bourbon is produced in the United States which consists of caramel and vanilla flavors.  Scotch is a malt and grain whiskey which is produced in Scotland. Rye or Canadian Whiskey is most (popular than all, it is a classic cocktail. Also, start with the lightest whiskey and then gradually move to the strongest one.

Bottles to be Chosen- Approximately 5-6 bottles are enough in the whiskey tasting party. There will be enough options to compare and make choices. One ounce should be served of each whiskey to an individual. In terms of your budget, try to keep not so expensive bottles. Also, don’t purchase very cheap bottles. The general dependable guideline is two full bottles for every 10 individuals. As a host, contingent upon your financial limit and condition of your assortment, you could arrange all the bottles yourself or have individuals bring their own to add to the blend.

The kind of Glasses- This is a tip for you not to use disposable or plastic glasses. When it comes to tasting, it should be in good whiskey glasses. There are special glasses for whiskey tasting known as Glencairn. You can easily find these glasses at an economical rate from America’s best online liquor store. Also, rocks, wine, shot and regular glasses work fine if you don’t want to spend much on this. However, at least keep 2-3 glasses per person, so they can try each whiskey in a different glass.

Snacks to be Served- Definitely, yes! When someone is drinking, you need to eat too. You can have chips, fruit, and cheese before and even while drinking. It additionally combines flawlessly with chocolate and nuts. Simply don’t serve anything with a great deal of hot zest or anything excessively homegrown or it will be a trouble with the tasting experience. Whatever you serve, just avoid adding chili and spices into it, it’s definitely not a good idea. Maybe after the party, you can add up some soup or light things as well for the guests to ease them.

Use of Ice- It’s horrible attempting to freeze some water on the night, so ensure you are set up for your visitor’s solicitations. In the event that you need to make whiskey look all the more reviving, at that point you could likewise put resources into an ice ball form, or silicone ice wedges, which show up far more classy than standard ice blocks.

Water Intake- People who drink, they should keep themselves hydrated. Keep adding it to your whiskey if you don’t want to drink it separately. Also, sometimes when you add water in the whiskey it changes its flavor and aromas, the intensity also changes. So, if you want to make a hard whiskey a little lighter, you can add some water in it.

Take Notes for your Friends- The general purpose of this tasting is not to select the target best that everyone adores, except for every individual to make sense of what they like. Select your preferred bourbon and attempt to express what you like about it. Which of different bourbons share those qualities? Do something very similar to your least top choice, what didn’t you like about it? Presently, you will be drinking, so it may assist with taking notes you can allude to later. There are bunches of formats accessible online you can print out for your visitors.

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