Hi I am a 42 man and I have my own little hotel in a small coastal city in Spain . I love food and I am crazy about cooking . sometimes I cook for my vip customers and I am not ashamed of this work at all as a hotel manager and this is what makes my hotel a special place for the guests . yesterday I heard that we are going to have a special visitor from asia and I guess this is going to be a good chance for me to prove my abilities in cooking foreign foods to my self . so I start looking for some recipes in dear google . I searched an I searched and I searched and found nothing can be both special and easy to cook . I was hopeless and disappointed but suddenly I found an order called kokis . kokis recipe epersianfood.com

Kokis is Sri Lankan Food

Kokis is a deep-fried crispy Sri Lankan food consisting of rice flour and coconut milk . as the first step I prepared the batter with rice flour , coconut milk , turmeric powder and salt .turmeric is using for the yellow color . you should use a few amount of the turmeric first because the color of the dough is always a little paler than the color obtained after frying . next dip the mold in the hot oil before dipping it into the dough and dipping it again in the hot oil after the dough has stuck . It seemed easy and I decided to make this dessert . I ordered different shapes of mold and after I received them I started to make the kokis dough . than I heat the oil in my pan and started to frying my lovely kokis with my new lovely flower mold . after frying kokis and when their color turned to gold I tried to separate the kokis of the mold so that they do not be crushed but I did not make it . It was unbelievable that my first Kokis was crushed and I lost it completely. It was terrible. It ruined the oil in pan and it became useless. But I didn’t disappointed. I changed the oil and poured fresh oil into pan and heat it again. Maybe my mold was too hot when I use it to pick up dough. For the next time I heat the mold and use it again. After some while I tried to separate Kokis from mold again and use a wooden spoon. Yes! I separated it successfully and flipped it back to fry the other side. It looked great! In some cases I loved this new experience. It looked so easy at the first step but it was a hard work. It needed practice and experience. I enjoy experience new things and see that satisfaction smile on my customers faces. It makes me feel useful for my life. Time was passed and it was the show time! My customer arrived. The dinner was really delicious. And the dessert was so unbelievable tasty. I sure he would like Kokis so much. Who could imagine that a Sri Lankan sweet taste like this! My customer was a food blogger from The United States. He didn’t expect to try a Sri Lankan dessert in Spain. He admired my presumption of choosing another country‚Äôs cuisine for a food blogger. He thought I am really special and brave. He recorded a video from the little restaurant of my little hotel. He said it’s a free advertisement for a brave presumptuous hotelier. He said it was one of the best dessert which he had ever eaten entire his life and he was surprised as he heard from my chef that I made it by myself. That was a special day to me which I have never forget it. I cook a lot for very famous people but this time was more enjoyable to me. That food blogger proved me his generosity and appreciation. I learned that if you try for an aim you not only get success but also get the others admire. I had an advertisement for free because of my perseverance! Thank you Kokis! Click Here to know more about Belyashi food.

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