Components Curd – 100 gm

Rohu Fish – 1 kg Vinegar – 2 teaspoonful Turmeric powder – 50 gm Purple chilli powder- 50 gm Salt – as per style Sugar – as per style Tej patta – Four items Coriander leaves – 50 gm Inexperienced chilli – Four items Black paper – As per style Jeera powder – 50 gram Garam Masala powder – 50 gram Elaichi – 5 items Cloves – Four items Recent Cream – 200 gm Dalchini – Four items Coriander powder – 50 gram Ghee – 1 Cup Cumin seed – 2 tea spoonful Musterd oil – ½ kg Tomato – 2 huge dimension Garlic – 7-Eight items Ginger paste – 2 tablespoon Methodology Reduce the fish in medium dimension and wash it correctly. Maintain it in a bowl and pour two caps vinegar over the fish. Add half teaspoonful turmeric powder, Now sprinkle half teaspoonful salt. Add put Four desk spoonful curd to the fish, Than combine it correctly and hold it within the fridge for half an hour to marinate. Now change on the gasoline and hold a vessel to warmth. Put Musterd Oil within the vessel Add a bowl of chopped onions to the vessel and let it fry. Put 1 teaspoonful sugar, Let or not it’s fried till the onionsaE™ colours flip mild brown. Now add 2 teaspoonful of purple chilly powder, And a pair of items of chopped tomatoes. Now put 1 and half teaspoonful of garlic paste over the fried onions. Add 1 and ½ teaspoon of ginger paste. Half teaspoonful black paper ought to be added to the vessel. Now put 1 teaspoonful cumin powder Now put 1 and ½ teaspoonful of Coriander powder. Now let it fry, till the spicy aroma comes out Regularly hold the fish over the masala Now the items of the fish shall be turned over so it could grow to be correctly cooked NOW put half cup Luke heat water over the fish Now cowl the vessels of fish and put Luke heat water over it Now enable it to cook dinner for five minutes in steam flame Now garnish it with Coriander leaves Four or 5 slice chilly items Garam Masala And Ghee Recent Cream 2 desk spoon full Now serve it with sizzling steam rice With spicy inexperienced chilli sauces and lemon. Tricks to make tasty Inexperienced chilli sauce at house: 1)50 gram coriander leaves paste 2)2 Inexperienced Chilli paste 3)5 items of Garlic paste 4)1 lemon juice 2 teaspoonful 5)In keeping with the style add salt

6)Now combine them correctly and let it within the mixer grinder to grind. 7)Put out the paste in a plate and your tasty inexperienced chilli sauce is now prepared. This explicit dish is relished by folks throughout India and Bangladesh. Speaking of this explicit Bengali aEoeSpicy curd fishaE could be very common in London, New York, Washington and lots of different American cities as effectively. This fish preparation is most popular by many Bengali celebrities worldwide. Even we additionally prefer it and I believe you guys and ladies will prefer it too.

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