Throughout the world people are getting ready to prepare and bake their chosen Christmas cakes. In commercial kitchens large numbers of these styles of cakes are baked in a Commercial 4 Burner Gas Oven like the ones you can see at as domestic style appliances wouldn’t be able to handle the volume of cakes being cooked.

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Here in the United Kingdom we have become accustomed to our traditional Christmas Cake or perhaps a slice of Dundee cake but throughout the world countries have their own variations on a Christmas cake dessert. The traditional UK Christmas cake is a very dense fruit cake made with sultanas and raisins that are often soaked in brandy. The cake is made up to two months in advance to allow the flavours to fully develop. Dundee cake lighter than Christmas cake but is still made from fruit ingredients like raisins and sultanas and it is often decorated with almonds and orange zest and soaked in whisky.

In France a cake called ‘Galette des Rois’’ is served at Epiphany which is the twelfth day of Christmas on January 6th. It is a cake with a hidden surprise as a bean used to be hidden in the cake (this has now been changed to a plastic gift of some description). Whoever finds the surprise gift in their piece of cake gets to keep it.

Germany also has a fruit cake that is eaten during the Christmas period and is made from dried fruit, nuts and spices and is then dusted with sugar or icing sugar. The Christstollen cake was thought to have been baked first in 1545. They take their cake making and naming seriously in Germany and there is a Dresden Stollen Association that ensures that any cake bearing the official name is made with the traditional recipe and the right proportion of ingredients.

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Over in Indian an Allahabadi cake is baked across the country to celebrate the Christmas season. It is made with a variety of spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, mace, fennel seeds and ginger as well as the addition of a traditional Indian sweet known as petha and is all soaked in rum.

In Italy the fruit cake known as Panettone is eaten during the festive period and it has become a cake that is also popular here in the UK as an alternative and lighter option that the traditional Christmas cake. In Italy a slice of this cake would be served with either a coffee or a sweet wine or liqueur.

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